"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." - FDR

Would you build a house with limited tools? Or, would you make sure you had what you needed in place so your house could withstand strong weather & turbulent times well enough to last a lifetime? The answer is pretty obvious.

Welcome to Hollitown, the place where you will gather your tools to build a lifetime of success.

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Whether you're an actor or singer with big dreams, a business owner looking to train & motivate staff to increase revenue, a parent who wants to ensure his or her child lives to the fullest potential, or someone who struggles with emotional or behavioral issues who just wants to understand why, Hollitown is the place for you!

The Hollitown Brand of Psychology Theory

Using my unique brand of psychology theory, I have trained numerous clients to success.

Some have achieved goals beyond their original wildest dreams, even beyond my original expectations for them! Examples include earning Tony Honors and a Grammy nomination, learning to train their own auditory hallucinations, and much more. Others have used what they've learned working with me to help build better relationships, to learn to have better control over their emotions, or to help their children do better in school, behaviorally, etc.

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Hollitown training fees are surprisingly VERY reasonable! And, if you can’t make it to Southern CA to train in person, you can train from anywhere in the country via video conferencing calls.

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